We offer the following benefits to our enterprises:

1. Digitalizing supply chain
We allow enterprises to operate in a transparent & data driven supply chain model. With an end-to-end network within the supply chain ecosystem, we enhance efficiency, visibility and enable better data management for enterprises.

2. Ecosystem approach
We enable multiple parties (financiers, insurance firms, fintechs & more) to seamlessly collaborate on a single platform, making sure your list of suppliers in the value chain is well supported.

3. Well-financed supplier ecosystem
We offer flexibility for suppliers to mitigate their risk on cash flow problems. This allows all suppliers from your entire ecosystem to easily access financing at favorable rates. This helps to reduce the cash flow problems for suppliers and minimize supply chain disruption as a result.

4. Investing in your suppliers
We help enterprises to strengthen and enhance the relationship with their long list of multi-tier suppliers within the ecosystem. This helps to build a sustainable and mutually beneficial supply chain partnership with them over the long run.

If you are an Enterprise, we can help you to:

  • Customise your own supply chain financing/credit facility program to your suppliers
  • Gain access and extend credit support to your list of (multi-tier) suppliers network
  • Work closely with your financiers to build a long term, mutually beneficial relationships with them
  • Manage your accounts payables digitally with ease via our BASELTECH platform
  • Build valuable data intelligence insights for your supply chain business needs

Contact us to find out how you can benefit from our supply chain solutions to meet your business needs.

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