We offer the following benefits to our financiers:

1. Access to New Market/New Clients
We allow financiers to gain access to new market and new client base beyond what they usually access to via their traditional supply chain or factoring business model. We offer a valuable proposition for financiers that have a KPI towards SME business strategy.

2. Low Credit Risk
As the financing credits are passed down from the core enterprises, the credit risk assessment will be based on the profile of the core enterprises rather than the (often smaller and less credible) suppliers. The credit risk of the core enterprises would be much lower than the suppliers down the supply chain. Consequently, the financial risk of extending the loan to the suppliers would also be greatly reduced.

This also means that the financiers can now approve the loans to the smaller suppliers down the supply chain which they would not have been able to in the traditional factoring model due to the stringent internal credit assessment of the financing requirements by the financiers.

3. Fast Processing and Ease of Administration
All information relating to company profile as well as the invoices between enterprises and suppliers will be captured in the Platform, enabling ease of KYC checks and faster processing time by financiers to process all financing applications, even down to the lowest tier of suppliers.

4. Enabling Data Driven Business Model
In addition, all financing data will be captured and stored in the Platform enabling easy pulling of financial data for tracking and analysis purpose post-financing. The financiers can build a data driven model with solid analytics and data intelligence for their supply chain network over time.

If you are a Financier, we can help you to:

  • Customise your own supply chain financing/credit facility program for your enterprise clients
  • Gain access to a list of new market/clients via our (multi-tier) suppliers network
  • Work closely with your enterprises to build a long term, mutually beneficial relationships with them
  • Manage all the financing applications digitally with ease via our BASELTECH platform
  • Build valuable data intelligence insights for your supply chain business needs

Contact us to find out how you can benefit from our supply chain solutions to meet your business needs.

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