Supply Chain Financing System:

Our BASELTECH Supply Chain Technology is purpose-built to support buyer-led program for customers under a single platform called BaselPRO. BaselPRO is an enterprise grade factoring system designed to facilitate end-to-end business requirements and support multi-tier supply chain financing needs. It is a proven platform used by well-known Financiers in multiple countries for over 2 decades.

With the help of easy integration into your current systems, FactorPro can be deployed for a single region as well as multiple regions. It is a user friendly and customizable system & can be structured according to your business needs. It is capable of performing tasks such as Collating and Documenting Customer Information, Processing Payments and Exchange Rates, General Ledger, Limits, Process Workflow and Data of Warehouse Systems. 

Benefits of BASELTECH Platform

We are a leading provider of application software (SaaS) that supports Multi-tier Supply Chain Financing. We provide a platform to facilitate the interactions between the financiers, enterprises and suppliers, down to the nth tiers, and providing financing services at their finger tips. Our systems are deployed by some of the largest banks across the globe.

Given our diverse and rich industry experience along with eminent subject matter experts and proven deployments, our BASELTECH solutions address the strategic, technical as well as operational requirements of the supply chain network and allow our clients to focus on providing supply chain financing propositions customized to their (multi-tier) suppliers’ needs.

BASELTECH Supply Chain Financing system enables enterprises to automate, scale and optimize their Supply Chain Financing operations by helping them provide:

  1. Flexible Programs for their Customers
  2. Improved Operational and Credit Risk Control
  3. Enhanced Customer Service
  4. Operational efficiency
  5. Consolidated View
  6. Stream-lined Implementation
  7. APIs and Automation

We provide:

  1. Comprehensive Reports: With the help of BASELTECH, you can generate reports which allow you to get a clear picture of the process and course correct as and when required. It also helps you to effortlessly conduct risk analysis.
  2. Limit Management: A dynamic limit management module that allows you to set various types of seller advance & buyer level limit.
  3. Self-Servicing: The client can self-serve by uploading invoices and request for financing whenever required. This reduces the work of a financial institution and lets it focus on more critical tasks.

The Client Access Module

CAM complements our factoring system. It is designed with a purpose to enhance your client’s experience by making key information and services available online. 

In addition, it improves the overall turnaround time of your client’s needs. CAM enables your clients to initiate self-service requests and at the same time it helps to make your business management and operations more efficient and robust.


Existing Problems

Problem 1 – Cashflow shortage leads to liquidity crunch

Suppliers sell their goods and services to larger sellers (enterprises). However, a long payment term (90 days or more) is required from the enterprises. But the payment to workers and contractors would be monthly. This creates a cash flow problem to suppliers.

The inherent cash flow problems in the current supply chain network can affect even the most profitable companies if not managed properly. During Covid pandemic, the liquidity of many companies including some large suppliers were adversely impacted due to poor cashflow.

Problem 2 – Inadequacy of Existing Supply Chain Financing Program

If suppliers need cash urgently, they can approach the Financiers (e.g., banks) for early payment showing proof of invoices (i.e., work has been done and waiting for payment). This is known as Factoring or Supply Chain Financing.

The financier provides early payment (loan) to suppliers in exchange for an interest payment. The financier would typically assess the credit profile of the suppliers before approving the loan. SCF reduces the risk of suppliers’ default due to liquidity crunch. However, not all suppliers would qualify for the loan.

Problems with current SCF program:

  1. Limited to 1-tier suppliers in the value chain
  2. Non-digital, less efficient, non-scalable
  3. High interest rates and long processing time


Multi-tier Supply Chain Financing Model

Our multi-tier supplier financing programs look beyond the immediate suppliers and make funds available to the nth-tier suppliers by leveraging on the enterprise’s credit.

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